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Desert trekking is also an inner journey

08/05/2017 | | 0 commentaire |

Desert trekking is also an inner journey

The benefits of trekking on health are manifold. This activity affects physical health (anti-stress, improvement of pulmonary and cardiovascular health, strengthening of the muscles ...), but also on the mind where it provides a sense of well-being.

The trek allows you to meet nature, discover new ways of life, recharge your batteries and maintain your body. A trek in the desert is an invitation to explore its "me". Life in the desert, sharing with nomads, the pleasure of walking alongside dromedaries (or being worn) is an invitation to simplicity and letting go, to the joy of the present moment in communion with nature.

Desert trekking is also an inner journey: a spiritual tourism

Life in the desert is a school. It teaches patience, and also the extraordinary economy that it is possible to do in the realm of material life. Live with little and feel remarkably light. This is the adage: "he who knows the desert will never be the same again". The desert makes it possible to live a true initiation without artifice, with sincerity and authenticity.

Walking in silence in the desert is one of the highest form of meditation that exists. The desert offers, on the one hand, complete destitution and, on the other hand, a multitude of wealth. Discover all the beauties of the magnificent place thanks to marrakech desert tour, click here fast! 

source : Dades experience Tours


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